ZUJA will help you rev up your day, yet keep your heart at ‘OM’.  Group Exercise classes will abound with everything from strength focused Core and More to heart-pumping, functional Boot Camps & Tabata classes to the ultimate core challenge of Kettlebells & TRX suspension training – and the best part is that you set your own pace and progress according to your desires and abilities.


Boot Camp

ZUJA Sculpt

Tabata High-Intensity Interval Training

Kettlebell & TRX: Dynamic Duo

Kettlebell-Yoga Fusion

Mystery Workouts

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Classes offer many options for every ability level from slow ‘n steady to high rolling adventure!  Experienced Instructors creatively guide and challenge participants utilizing safe yet highly effective techniques and body movements.  Core strengthening, stabilization and balanced biomechanics are central to every workout.  More vigorous workouts include short burst training, or short bouts, of higher intensity movements, which have proven to be very effective in terms of increasing metabolism.  In every case, modifications are demonstrated so that workouts can easily be adapted according to individual desire.