A diverse array of Yoga classes will fulfill the Yogi veterans, while gentle introductory classes will allow for exploration and discovery.  And for those who seek deeper stillness and relaxation, Restorative Yoga will encourage sweet surrender – relaxing the body and quieting the mind.

The practice of Yoga dates back over five thousand years.  Many forms of Yoga have emerged over time.  While there is a similar language that is shared in terms of the asanas, or body placements, most of the Yoga that will be offered at ZUJA is Vinyasa Flow.  Instructors at ZUJA have studied with many different teachers and classes will reflect different styles of delivery, from gentle to more advanced, allowing participants to choose what feels most comfortable.

Yoga offers something for everyone, whether a long time student or it’s the first foray onto the mat.  It is our goal at ZUJA to invite one and all to pull up a mat, leave the world at the door, and be with the wisest teacher of all: you!


Aerial Yoga 

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Yoga Privates and Semi-Privates

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